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How to make money from affiliate program without website?

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asked by anonymous

3 Answers

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You can use email as a medium of sending affiliate links. this approach will also generate good amount of revenue.
answered by anonymous
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post aff links in forums.
answered by anonymous
Wow it's nice way !
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Hi all i try to make money via internet with sites that are both free to join and also offer free ways to make money. I've been doing this for over 6 years.
I've decided to look for new techniques to make money.
The first campaign I tried out was the "normal" World wide web affiliate internet marketing, however this page wasn't visited often so the income relatively reduced.Then I tried surveys and product testing which didn't go very well either.
In a short time I came across a number of sites that shell out for clicking on advert banners and ads. Even though this program performs it consumes a number of hours on a daily basis and also the shell out may be below average, if not done efficiently.
I predict looking through and chatting with this communityand feel I'm an optimistic person with optimism
answered by Michaelfek